Federal Learning Account (FLA)

The Belgian government is about  to launch a new platform: the Federal Learning Account (FLA). This digital application will  give employees insight into their individual training rights and trainings.

This platform centralises information on training rights and requires employers to electronically record both formal and informal training offered to their employees.

With this move, the federal government aims to streamline the management of training rights and training and promote transparency.


FLA, a centralised overview of employee training rights

The FLA is a Belgian government initiative that serves as a central platform for managing training rights of staff. Employers are required to regularly update each employee’s completed training hours on the FLA platform.

At the same time, the online tool allows employees to view their available training credits for the current year.

As of when will employers be required to use the FLA tool?

From 1 April 2024, it will become mandatory for employers to record their employees’ training records in the FLA. With the launch of the platform on this date, companies will have nine months to comply with this new requirement and report their data to the government.

This new database will play a central role in managing employee training rights and ensure mandatory registration of individual training courses.

Thanks to Xaurum, as an employer, you will not have to worry about your FLA obligations!

As an employer, what do you need to register and track on the FLA platform?


For each quarter, you need to register details of training courses attended, such as dates, content, results and funding, within 1 month of the end of that quarter. You should also check the details entered by the government or training providers and adjust them if necessary.

The government, records data in the FLA. They report personal data, calculate the initial training entitlement per employee and the remaining balance of training entitlements.

What data is available in the Federal Learning Account?

The FLA contains data about the employer :

  1. Company number
  2. NSSO number

The FLA contains data on each employee:

  1. The person’s identity with his National Register number
  2. The labour regime in which one is employed
  3. The competent joint committee or joint sub-committee under which the employee falls
  4. The registration number of the collective agreement on which the individual training right or sectoral training rights and training credit may be based
  5. The number of training days, expressed in days or hours to which the employee is entitled in the current year pursuant to the individual and/or sectoral training right(s)
  6. The number of training days attended, expressed in days or hours and the number of remaining days to be attended or the number of days to be carried over to the following year.
  7. The training followed and their relevant basic characteristics such as title, start date, end date , type: formal or informal, result and FLA scope
  8. The outstanding current value of the training credit, expressed in days or hours

How can the employee access the FLA platform?

The registered employee will be able to access the FLA electronically via www.mycareer.be as well as consult his training credit in the Xaurum LMS.

All this information will also be sent to the employee’s eBox.

What can Xaurum do for you as an employer concerning the Federal Learning Account?

This new application brings a lot of new administrative obligations for employers. Let us take the administrative hassle off your hands. As a specialist in training software, Xaurum can be mandated to file FLA returns for your company.

Some 50 companies have already mandated Xaurum to have the FLA declaration entered in XML along the government’s batch channel. Mandating us can easily be done via the Mahis application of the Social Security Department (NSSO).

Xaurum can also be deployed as an LRS (Learning Record Store) to easily signal your data to the Government.


Do you want to be ready in time for the Federal Learning Account?

Engage with Xaurum to get your FLA declarations in order!