Course Control

Learning Management System

With the Course Control LMS software, you will manage the learning process automatically.  Your training departments will spend less time with administration enabling them to focus more on the link between strategic business needs and training.


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Learning management system

Management of learning programs including classical training, on the job training, coaching, e-learning and assessments.

Make training paths progress visible to the organisation.

Mandatory trainings and exemptions.

Management of certifications.

Invitation, enrollment, validation and cancellation mails.

Automatic scheduling of mails and learning activities.

Trainer planning and invitation.

Room planning.

Cost management.

Use of session templates for quick scheduling of new training programs.

Quality management with evaluation forms.

Support for your own course document  files.

Support  and integration of tests, assessments and questionnaires generated by Test Maker.

Personal training plan in self-service

Students manage their own personal training plan with internal and external trainings, libraries of e-learning modules and tests. 

Managers are able to assign and validate learning activities to their team.

Link training to development objectives and learning goals.

User management

Creation of user groups.

Invitation of users to blended learning, tests and e-learning programs.


Generation of training reports for users, organisations and programs.

Social balance.


Uploading of student information from your HR system

Uploading of student data with Excel or XML data imports.


Course Control


Learning Portal


Quality Sensor


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