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Ensure optimal development of all your employees by involving them in the creation of their personal development plan.


Every employee defines himself in his personal development plan what he wish to reach during his career by fixing some objectives and linking the necessary actions to them for achieving this goals.


As actions can serve attending classroom trainings, following e-learnings, getting coaching sessions or on-the-job-guidance, ... but one can also provide a fully own interpretation for an action.


Courses can be chosen from the catalogue of classroom trainings and e-learnings that are available within the company, but also requests to follow external training courses is a possibility.

Training paths

Even easier for the employees is to define in advance appropriate training paths; these paths are whether or not mandatory to follow and can offer multiple alternatives per step.


Since employees can enter their previously acquired certificates, diplomas or simply their skills, the training responsible can obtain quickly an overview of all the available skills within the company. You can also follow up the status of mandatory refreshing courses and the acquiring of the points required in the framework of the Cauwenbergh/Willems-certificates.

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