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Apply your own branding

Use the portal frontend to apply the look & feel of you company branding.

A uniforme presentation will make your user feel at ease in an environment that looks familiar to them.

All information at hand in one view

The Portal Frontend has several highly configurable widgets that visualise an overview of your daily information.

Users will get reminded of planned trainings, evaluations, manager validations and due dates on e-leaning or e-tests.

A powerful and and clear training calendar presents the training offer in an intuïtive manner.

All training actions you are enrolled in will always be present in your personal calendar.

Dynamic content

Another part of the widgets in your Portal area are used to get your users informed of more general information isseus. Your can use en news engine to deliver news in an attractive way.

More elaborated topics can be presented in the form af articles.

The internal CMS can be used to manage your content in a very dynamic way by using publication dates, target groups and support for multilanguish publication.


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