Xaurum aims to improve the quality of the training process in order to enable your people to gain knowledge.

Xaurum is your partner for Learning Management Systems.

We provide Learning solutions to enterprise customers and professional associations.

Xaurum Learning Management System (LMS) software is enabling your organization to manage the training process through all its phases:

- training need identification,
- planning,
- enrolment, invitation, validation, confirmation,
- certification,
- evaluation,
- accreditation
- invoicing,
- reporting.

Xaurum LMS gives you full control over the training the process, including classical training, on the job training, coaching and E-learning. 

In order to deliver top class SaaS services we  have built a dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure on state-of-the-art hardware within a High Availability VMware environment.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL SHA-2 (SHA256)) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure and available. 

Every customer has his own secured private database and your data is completely inaccessible to anyone else.

A dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure on state-of-the-art hardware within a High Availability VMware environment will grant access to only to registered users in your organization.

We can enforce additional security with:

  • IP white list restriction, to allow only requests from your organisation.
  • Session time out  after user inactivity.
  • Forced strong and encrypted passwords , with lock-out mechanisms.
  • TLS protocol for sending E-mails.

Xaurum  is hosted in a secure server environment at Connexeon, which uses firewalls and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

Security audits and penetration tests has been performed by external auditors.

If your business has an Security IT department, we will make them feel comfortable with a security and disaster & recovery plan.


Course Control

The Learning Management System for all your trainings

Learning Portal

E-learning and Personal Development Plan

Quality Sensor

Evaluation Forms and online Testing.

CPD - online

Handles all of your permanent education obligation