Quality Sensor

Quality Sensor software allows organizations to create customized training evaluations and analyze the critical feedback needed to match their training offerings with their business needs


How profitable is your training?

Quality Sensor generates evaluation forms, associates them with course sessions or e-learnings, stores and retrieves the evaluation results for management information.

Quality Sensor will manage student evaluations, feed-back evaluations by manager and trainer evaluations automatically.

Question types

Support for different question types: scaled 0-10, memo, yes/no, scored multiple choice, not scored multiple choice, trigger questions.

By making an answer to any question mandatory, students and managers are forced to select an answer option before submitting a training evaluation.

Evaluation forms

Samples of evaluation forms are provided in French, Dutch, English, Polish and German.

Branding of evaluation forms with your logo or company styling.

Automatic merging of recipient information

Customization of evaluation invitations sent to recipients by inserting variable data like student name, course name, trainer name and session date.

Reminder emails

Sending of a reminder to students and managers who have not completed the evaluation forms.

Management Information

Sharing of results with trainers, business unit managers, training managers and quality analysts.

Trends analysis

Trends analysis enforces quality with colorful graphic format presentation

Unlimited access to results.

Quality benchmarking for training improvement actions.

Use Quality Sensor.

Increase the quality of the training process in your company.