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a.s.r. Verzekeringen

a.s.r manages their trainings,competenticies, certificates and development goals with Xaurum software. Therefore Course Control, Learning Portal, Personal Development Plan and Quality Sensor are in service.


Acerta will manage the training proces for their employees with Xaurum LMS software. The following products will be deployed: Course Control, Personal Development Plan, Learning Portal and Quality Sensor. Xaurum software will be deployed as a SaaS solution available on Acerta’s Intranet.


Athora will manage their training processes for their employees with Xaurum software. The following products will be deployed: Course Control and Quality Sensor. Xaurum will allow employees to engage in learning activities and keep track of their Cauwenbergs certification status.


Baloise Insurance manages their training processes for their insurance brokers with Xaurum software. Course Control and Quality Sensor are deployed. Xaurum integrates into the Baloise Insurance website for brokers and allows the brokers to engage in learning activities and keep track of their Cauwenbergs certification status.


Belfius Bank and Insurance is managing all his training processes with Xaurum software. Xaurum software has been deployed for Belfius Insurance, Belfius Bank and the independent retail network of Belfius. The solution keeps track of the Cauwenberghs and Willems status of all employees and independent agents.

Croix-Rouge de Belgique

The services of the Croix-Rouge de Belgique will manage their learning and qualification processes with Xaurum Course Control. Their learning offer consists of classical trainings and E-learning leading to a qualification register of their personal.


Daikin launches the LMS of Xaurum for his distributors and installers. The LMS provides the following capabilities: view the content of trainings, consulting the calendar, register for courses, download certificates, follow E -learning and attempt for testing.


ECS, member of the GDF Suez Energie Services, is responsible for an independent control all companies carrying out maintenance and decontamination tasks on nuclear sites. ECS will manage all their trainings, tests and associated certifications. ECS will deploy Course Control and Quality Sensor to manage the training process.


ENGIE is managing the training , qualification , habilitation and certification process for their 17.000 employees with Course Control and Quality Sensor of Xaurum. Their training offer consits of internal and external trainings and E-learnings.


The professional regrouping of doctors will use the accreditation and skill management system online by Xaurum. The Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij der Geneeskunst (KNMG) will be using PE Online by Xaurum, together with the training organisms and medical staff


The register of dentists is using CPD-Online to easily organise the administration of the accreditation and registration online.


LVD, the world-renowned laser cutting machine manufactures, will manage their learning processes with Xaurum software. Course Control, Quality Sensor, Learning Portal and Test Maker will be used. The process will go from Self-Service enrollments up to the evaluation of the trainings.


The SKP (paramedic organisation) has CPD-Online setup for all her paremedical professionas. Besides CPD-Online facilitates the full administrative process of their accreditation.